About The Program

Your Gateway to Growth

“It’s all about who you know.”

We’ve all heard the cliché, but getting ahead is easier when you have connections. That’s why we are pleased to introduce your agency to AIG Exchange. Here you can access industry-leading personal lines coverage options, improve clients’ protection, and grow your business along the way.

AIG Exchange enables you to access personal lines insurance coverage.

  • Direct and easy access to AIG solutions specially designed for affluent and high net worth individuals and families
  • Immediate opportunities to increase revenue, retention and growth potential
  • Training and education for those who want to hone their sales skills for this discerning market segment

Learn more about what we can do…together.

About AIG Private Client Group

AIG Private Client Group offers complete personal property and liability solutions for successful individuals and families. We go beyond traditional personal lines offerings to include multinational and non-admitted coverage, as well as solutions for passion investments, family offices and more.

Protection is augmented with a broad menu of services to help policyholders minimize property damage and bolster safety. While eligibility requirements apply, these services include ground-breaking programs such as our in-house Wildfire Protection Unit, Hurricane Protection Unit, Smart Build team and Art Collection Management resources. Additional expertise is available for water damage mitigation, cyber security, travel assistance and more. We’re also proud to offer proprietary technology tools to help you support and inform clients impacted by natural disasters in real time. When losses can’t be avoided, AIG Private Client Group’s claims professionals strive to consistently deliver unprecedented flexibility, creativity and compassion on top of the prompt response you would naturally expect.